dog-e-treats is proudly Australian and committed to providing healthy treats for dogs & cats. We offer a range of gourmet baked and dried treats to suit the fussiest of pets, and their owners! Our packaging has been carefully designed to reflect the quality of our product + to maintain freshness.

dog-e-bix are made in our own commercial kitchen with top quality human-grade ingredients. We use low-allergy spelt flour as it is higher in protein & nutrients and more digestible than wheat flour. Our healthy biscuits are egg free, naturally low-allergy and contain no artificial additives.

dog-e-treats are natural healthy treats made from real meat & real fish that are dried at low temperatures.The process is slow but the result is a superior product of concentrated goodness & flavour. It can take up to 10kg of raw product to make 1kg of dry.

dog-e-treats are free from frying oils, trans-fats, sugar, added salt, preservatives or other nasty chemicals often associated with preserved dog treats.

dog-e-treats are produced in state-of-the-art processing & drying rooms, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene, care and handling; the vacuum packing ensures an extended shelf life.

dog-e-treats products suit all dogs and most cats.

dog-e-treats recommends natural treats be given as a snack or reward, during training and to modify behaviour *. They may also help clean teeth and gums, exercise jaws & satisfy the natural hunting instinct. Treats should not replace meals but form part of a balanced diet + add variety. Dried treats can be included in a raw food diet. *also see Buster Fun Bone and Buster Puzzle Cube.

  • Omega Bix made with smoked trout, a good source of omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin A & D plus Calcium. May help stiff joints & general condition.
  • Omega Gluten Free a good source of omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin A & D plus Calcium. May help itchy smelly skin & general condition. Suits puppies & cats.
  • Liver Bix real beef liver, a good source of Vitamin A, B2, B6 & B12 plus Iron, Niacin, Zinc & Selenium.
  • Cheese Bix with natural Pecorino (sheeps' milk cheese), sesame seeds & parsley. High in vitamins & minerals including Vitamin B1, iron, zinc & magnesium plus protein and calcium.
  • Peanut Butter & Carob with oatbran & natural honey.
  • roo jerky naturally low fat, slices of roo meat dried & great for chewing. Omega
  • fish sticks 100% whiting/pilchards/anchovies, Omega 3 for coat/ skin/ joints.
  • dried tuna sliced albacore tuna, full of omega goodness to suit dogs & cats.
  • roo rissoles minced meat & bone, hand-formed into a pattie & dried. Omega +
  • dog-e-beef low fat beef puff, easily broken into small pieces for treats/training.
  • dog-e-chicken succulent breast meat dried to make a crunchy treat.
  • dog-e-lamb low fat, high protein lamb puff, popular with dogs and cats.
  • dog-e-pork pork liver has Vitamin A, needed for eyesight & immune function.
  • liver jerky chunky & succulent beef liver with natural Vitamin A goodness.
  • roo chews high protein, lean roo mince in a sausage casing, dried.
  • hoki fish (blue grenadier) high protein low fat treat.
  • roo tendons low fat chewy treats.
  • beef sticks chewy strips of bull/steer beef.
  • spearfish high protein low fat chunks of deep sea fish.
  • shark cartilage crunchy natural source of collagen to help stiff joints & skin.
  • barramundi succulent chewy fillets of fish.
  • calamari high protein low fat crunchy treat.
  • green lip mussel dried in Australia, a low fat treat, may help joints & mobility.
  • roo fillet slices of heart meat.
  • Mixed Treats our exclusive mix of beef, pork, lamb, liver & roo chews.
  • L’il bits our exclusive mix of hand-cut treats & natural Australian kibble for Buster Fun Bone, Buster Food Cube and all treat toys.
  • Buster Fun Bone
  • Buster Puzzle Food Cube a must for home-alone/ bored/ destructive/ anxious dogs & "gobblers"!. Just fill with our exclusive L'il Bits or kibble to keep your dog busy. Animal behaviourists say these satisfy the natural animal hunting instinct and may help modify behaviour. Cubes are available in large or mini size. (mini may suit your cat!)

Buster L'il Bits